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  • Giant
    Tree Tomato

    Grow 60lbs of tomatoes from one single plant! Zooms to an amazing 8" tall in just 3 months. Big juicy tomatoes up to 2lbs each. Take advantage of this amazing offer today!

  • Tomato Tree As Low As $2 each

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  • Amazing Super-Species Looks Like A Fruit Tree —
    Produces Bushels of Tomato Clusters
    Summer to Fall

    Tomato Basket

    Basket after basket of juicy mouthwatering beauties up to 2 pounds each:so delicious, so succulent, just one sliced up tree tomato covers an entire slice of bread! A super-growing tree that z-o-o-m-s high as a man in JUST 3 MONTHS! A New Crop Of 'Farm-Fresh' Tomatoes Each Week— Yours To Feast On For About A Penny A Piece! A living tomato factory so desperate to produce that for every tomato you pick one week, two more seem to jump forth to take its place. Grow In Your Yard As A Garden Wonder…Or As A Patio Showpiece! Non-Stop Fruit All Season Long! We ship healthy plants ready to grow. Supplies Are Limited—Make Sure You Do Not Miss Out— ACT NOW!